Anna Sundin Annuzza AB

Our Story

My first visit to China took place in the early 1990s, full of new impressions of what for us is a very different country. Many things have changed during the 30 years I´ve been travelling and working in China. A memory that keeps coming back to me is when I,  in a small alley in Qingdao,  ran into two old men dressed in the typical blue Mao uniforms, selling a variety of interesting and charming small items, all very intriguing for a collector with hungry eyes and a great passion for beautiful objects. After some dealing, me in English and they in Mandarin, I left with a lovely vase under my arm, very happy and satisfied. Even though I had a different job and had not yet started Annuzza, I belive this was the beginning of what I´m doing today and have been doing for 22 years. Sourcing and importing furniture, handicrafts and interior items and acting as wholesaler , distributing via resellers. The search for unique, intriguing and beautiful objects, which often carry their own story in combination with a tradition of skillful craftmanship will never end. That I also get the opportunity to meet people with a different story and fate makes my work even more enriching.